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Remedy for Dry Mouth While Sleeping

Home Remedies for Dry Mouth and Bad Breath There are several causes of dry mouth. Some of these can be attributed to certain medications, stress, or an underlying health condition. Some medications are prescribed to treat depression or high blood pressure. Some autoimmune disorders are also known to cause dry mouth. Other causes include smoking […]

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Nighttime Dry Mouth Remedies

Dry Mouth and Tongue at Night There is no one single natural treatment for dry mouth. The symptoms can be caused by a number of different things. Some are temporary, while others can be serious. Some causes of dry mouth include diabetes, alcoholism, oral surgery, chemotherapy, and infection. For a long-lasting cure, you may have […]

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Symptoms of Xerostomia

Xerostomia Treatment Products Dry mouth is a common problem that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. It can cause many problems, from discomfort to tooth decay. Without saliva, foods can cause your teeth to become more susceptible to tooth decay. Saliva also helps to keep your gums healthy. Not only does […]

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